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Our premium quality 100% Virgin Remy hair can be compared to a canvas for an artist's masterpiece. The hair we distribute is in its most perfect state: pure, genuine, and without ever being altered by chemicals. Companies like Shake-N-Go, Model Model, and Outre, with multiple brands like Bobbi Boss, Qutix, Hollywood Idol, DreamWeaver, Saga, Cuticle XQ and Velvet products make over $13 Million everyday selling remy hair to people like you, your friends and relatives. We will reveal how YOU, with this amazing delivery system, can have a share of this nationwide market.

You will be able to see and feel the superior quality of our hair immediately. We guarantee
100% genuine unprocessed virgin hair, not mixed with any other human, animal or 
synthetic fiber hair. "Virgin" means our hair is free of chemicals or hair color and retains
all cuticles in the original healthy state. "Remy" means all cuticles of hair are
guaranteed to be in the same direction, so there will be no hair tangling hassle. Your
customers new hair will be naturally beautiful, healthy and strong‚ ready to be styled to match
their own personal look. Our products are perfectly positioned to become one of the largest
distributed hair extension products in the world. You will be the first to market, consume and
profit from the cutting edge distribution system. These products are a network marketers
dream! There will be multiple product packages to choose from ranging from 10 inches to 24
inches, wigs and other products.

Our trained cosmetologist (or as we call them, hair specialist) have studied the differences in the Virgin hair verses packaged hair. Red Diamond Virgin hair is far more superior to hair purchased from beauty supply stores. Commercial hair is harshly processed to all look identical The chemicals used damage the hair’s original structure. Thus, the hair can’t last as long as real 100% Virgin hair. Customers buying packaged Indian Remy Hair or Remy Hair are definitely getting much less for their money. Packaged hair may state that it’s 100% human hair, but through extensive research, we know many contain synthetic fibers or animal hair. This simply means that you’re paying for a product that isn’t up to standard. So, within a few days you find your fabulous hair is starting to tangle and it may only last a week.

The Processing

Once we receive our hair we meticulously inspect the hair before we begin washing and wefting. At The HairCare NetWork International our philosophy with hair is simple. Natural unaltered virgin hair makes the most beautiful hair for extensions and weaves. We do not believe in processing hair and selling it as virgin.

The Customer

We believe that if our customers experience the highest quality human hair extensions they will become customers for life. We operate under the principle that when a customer is happy with a product they will come back for more. We will have a discerning customer base that requires only the best so we will focus our energy on providing a consistent product time and again.  

Quality Guarantee

Transparency and complete honesty with our customers are our core corporate values. We employ specialized high tech instruments at our Quality Control Labs to actually verify the presence and health of cuticles in our hair. This way we can guarantee that our hair is 100% virgin full cuticle hair. While many companies claim to provide 100% virgin remy hair, we are one of the few guaranteeing it based on scientific methods. We also guarantee that the hair you purchase from us will be of superior quality and will consist of 100% virgin Indian, Malaysian, Chinese and Brazilian Remy hair with NO non-human hair or synthetic fibers. We proudly provide our customers with the best quality hair available, and we believe that customers who are able to appreciate and understand the benefits of superior hair will become our customers for life.

Product Disclaimer

TEXTURE DISCLAIMER – Because of the distinct nature of human hair, two heads of hair are never exactly the same. Any photos provided on this website are meant to give you an idea of how the different textures look. However, every product is uniquely beautiful and texture may vary slightly from the example shown.

COLOR DISCLAIMER – Since our products are not processed or colored, our virgin hair comes only in the natural shades of 1 (Black) 1B (Off Black), 2 (Darkest Brown), 3 (Dark Brown) and every color in between. We recommend consulting a professional stylist should you consider coloring the hair. Of course our virgin hair will take and hold permanent, semi-permanent, cellophane, and lift beautifully, just like your own natural hair. 

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