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*Your Hair Is Our Business*
Our business model is based on relationships. Who do you know? Who do
they know? Think about all the really important decisions you've made when
it comes to doing business with someone. Like your doctor, your dentist,
your attorney, your accountant. If you're in the market for a hair stylist and
your best friend recommends one, are you going to ignore your friend and
instead respond to a salon ad in the yellow pages? We think not. And that,
is the biggest advantage each IBP could have.

Everyone feels a referral from a friend or someone you can trust goes a lot
farther than a TV spot or a magazine advertisement. But when you think
about it, those ads can cost millions of dollars. Wouldn't it make more sense
to take would be advertising dollars, especially in this economy and spend
them more effectively? Well the HairCare NetWork will do exactly that.
Our goal is to pay out over 2 million dollars per day in commissions
by the end of our first year of operations.

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The Winning Combination

The PATH to turn your dreams into reality starts here. We understand that when people are happy and successful, most people want to help others become happy and successful. Owning your own business puts the power of financial success in your hands and allows you the opportunity to write your own history, legacy and most importantly, your own paycheck. Is this for everyone? No, it only needs to be for YOU!  
As a HairCare NetWork Brand Promoter, you will be able to learn proven network developing strategies. You will be invited to participate in many company sponsored trainings that will guide you as you share these products with people. At the HairCare NetWork, we are excited about the opportunity created and we look forward to partnering with you to transform the economic outlook of this nation one life at a time. This is the opportunity for people to achieve the financial independence they have always dreamed about. 

We encourage you to begin learning more about our mission and products, reserve your position as a CEO and begin building your own business organization. The faster you make a decision, the better chance you'll have at being part of a Company that's got Billion Dollar Brand written all over it! To maximize our HairCare NetWork pay plan, your position means everything! Every second you wait, hundreds, even thousands of people are jumping in line ahead of you. This is Urgent! The clock is ticking, and every moment you wait, is a moment missed. Literally, time is money. You need to get your eBooklet Right NOW! 

We have made it as easy as 1-2-3 to own your own business. Our home-based business model gives you much needed job security and allows you to work your own hours. Remember, you have the potential to make money from every single person that officially enrolls after you, but the more personal sponsors you have, the better off you'll be. Personal sponsorship is those that enroll from your personal replicated website. As they register via your website, they too will be given their own Nationwide website. The more people that register through your website, the more websites will be out there and the bigger the team YOU will have. Get in contact with your personal sponsors after they sign up and encourage them to share the message with others. 

Anyone officially enrolling during the soft launch is automatically a member of our Vision Leaders Club. A 1% Bonus Pool has been set up as an added incentive to our Vision Leaders Club Members for the first 2 years, over and above the normal Compensation Plan. They will also receive special discounts to all company sponsored events for 3 years.

Share your personal website with everyone you know because if you don't - someone else will! You should be able to register a minimum of 25 interested MLM leaders or business people via your website, your success can be guaranteed through leadership and commitment. Grow your team and you will make money from all of them! Remember this is about lifestyle. Which do you prefer? Stress and worry or money, time and freedom? You make the call. Now take a moment, view the must see video below. Mr. Les Brown points out a few things we've all had to deal with. Then click the "join now" button to receive your "BluePrint Of Action eBooklet" Change your thinking, change your life.
The Dawning Of A New Day, Powered By Referrals®
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