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What Is the HairCare NetWork?

The HairCare NetWork is the marketing arm for the HairCare NetWork International, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Red Diamond Holdings, Inc. We have developed a very unique delivery system. We have combine the cost savings of a Walmart, with one of the most powerful wholesale leverage marketing platforms, designed to capture a significant share of the hair extension and beauty supply industry. The HairCare NetWork is the first real multi-level marketing business opportunity in the hair extension industry. All our products have been making money for beauty supply stores for many decades. This system was built to redirect the millions of dollars leaving OUR community everyday, back into OUR community through each Individual Brand Promoter. One customer at a time. The company is well funded and zero long term debt and has some of the strongest leadership in the USA. From AT&T to private banking, from MLM leadership to world renowned hair stylist. All have come together to launch this amazing business.

We have a 50 year business plan offering wholesale leverage marketers the stability they have always wanted. The HCN (HairCare NetWork) is the first campaign in the history of the industry to launch in the hair extension/beauty supply industry. Some of the items we felt were critical components in the formation of our business were: 

1) Always remaining debt free 
2) Creating a 50 year plus business plan and being funded up front for it 
3) Honesty in all that we do 
4) Open door communication with all of our IBP's (Independent Business Promoter) 
5) Committing to never lower the compensation plan 
6) Always putting the IBP first
7) Recycling money back into the African American community  
8) Only using virgin hair as our main product

You'll see people from around the country joining. Never before have you had the opportunity to build a national business like this. Upon receiving your Plan of Action eBooklet, you will be given a HCN personal website that you can begin marketing immediately. Anyone that joins on your personal website counts as one of your 'personal sponsors', the more personal sponsors you have, the more money you'll make during soft launch and for years thereafter. 

What is the purpose of the Plan of Action eBooklet?

One of the greatest tragedies of the MLM (multi-level marketing) industry is companies don't spend enough time grooming people for success. With the HairCare NetWork, it is a requirement. The biggest challenge people face today is a clear understanding of what MLM is, how it works and how to make it work for them. You will see we are different from any MLM you may have ever come across. All of our IBP's are superstars and they want a superstar company that has their best interest at heart. 

The purpose of this training ebooklet is to help you get started as a new member of the HairCare NetWork International family. The focus is preparing to build your customer base and attracting people who really want to change their lifestyle right now. One recommendation, if either of you are looking for the get rich quick thing, this is not it. You need to see it before you can see it. (Think about that for a minute, we'll wait). In addition, you want to get your mind ready for what's about to happen to you. The purpose of this training ebooklet is to help you get started as a new member of the HairCare NetWork International family. The focus is preparing for the prelaunch by building your customer base and attracting people who really want to change their lifestyle right now. 

The difference with the HairCare NetWork is we have a tremendous product line (100% Virgin Remy hair) that people fall in love with and would buy anyway even if we didn't offer a great referral gift. The core of this business is built around giving people the hair they want. No excuses! We are more than a company with amazing products. We are a company with a purpose as you read through this guide you will come to understand that purpose. Within that purpose is the power to transform lives. 

How will I profit from the HairCare NetWork?

There are a total of nine different ways in which you can create an extremely profitable business from the HairCare NetWork International. This business is all about its Brand Promoters. If you can follow systems and processes, you will not lose. The combined forms of compensation constitute the most lucrative and simple commission plan in the industry. In fact, we have a higher payout than most network marketing company. Remember, the more people you sponsor now, the more you'll make in the years to come! This is a company built so that you, your children and grand children may benefit.


The cost for the "Plan Of Action" eBooklet is free.


Yes, in order to participate, you will need a valid Bank Debit Card or Credit Card. You may also use your PayPal account. Checks and money orders  are not accepted.


Simply send your enrollee to your personal HairCare NetWork website and have them click the Join button. Upon enrolling, they'll be counted as one of your personal sponsors and be part of your active team on soft launch day if they go active.


It is very easy to enroll people. The most effective way to share your nationwide business is through Facebook, Twitter, Emailing Your Contacts, Text Messaging those in your phone and talking to people face to face and on the phone. Share your personal website with the world and prepare them for soft launch day. Anyone that sincerely engages in the HairCare NetWork can be deeply rewarded. Be passionate and share your business with the world! 

Stay in constant contact with your personal sponsors and those on your team. Keep them excited and motivated and encourage them to prepare to go active on soft launch day. You'll never have a better (and easier) opportunity to build a nationwide business than now - take advantage of it or someone else will! Remember, post often to Facebook and Twitter and talk to everyone you know! Then support them once they are enrolled. The benefits of the HairCare NetWork International, Inc. to you include, but are not limited to:

  • You OWN your OWN business (tax write-offs)
  • Your OWN business website
  • Back office tracking software
  • Ground floor opportunity
  • Online and offline training
  • Marketing Materials
  • Residual Income
  • Bonuses 

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