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In our research of the hair extension industry, we found over 4.9 billion dollars annually is spent by African-American women for hair extensions aka weave and wigs. That’s over 13 million dollars per day leaving the community in which they are spent, never to return again. We discovered there existed many injustices within the industry, specifically in areas of distribution and retail. We set out to correct these wrongs by making them our strengths. 

We have developed a very unique delivery system. We have combine the cost savings of a Walmart, with one of the most powerful wholesale leverage marketing platforms, designed to capture a significant share of the hair extension and beauty supply industry. We are the solution for both women of color and the general population. 

You'll immediately love our culture and pro IBP (Independent Brand Promoter) environment. We're confident that upon applying yourself, this 
will be a source of what we call wealth health for you and your family for generations to come. 
The HairCare NetWork is the first company to successfully merge the traditional retail business 
with direct sales and is revolutionizing the industry.

Thousands of women and men will discover life-changing opportunities with the HairCare
NetWork. They will find more than just a career — they have become part of a close network of
people with a passion to celebrate, encourage and reward others and themselves. Through the
unlimited earning potential the HairCare NetWork offers, we'll hear stories of people being able to
afford their child's surgery, pay off their home, pay for a child's college education, take amazing family
vacations and uncover self-confidence they never knew they had. We provide you with all the tools and
support you need to succeed, including top-notch marketing materials. We'll also give you products
that practically sell themselves and the chance to earn fantastic incentive trips!

The difference with the HairCare NetWork? We have a tremendous product line (100% Virgin Remy
hair) that women fall in love with and would buy anyway – even if we didn't offer a great referral gift.
The core of this business is built around giving women the hair they want. No excuses! Our hair can
be compared to a canvas for an artist's masterpiece. Together We Are Creating A Revolution
That Can And Will Generate Substantial Income To Anyone Willing To Follow Systems
And Processes. So answer the question. Who do you know that wears weave or wigs regularly or occasionally? By the time the soft launch is over, you could have a customer base of over 100 people ready to order. Earn a whole lot or just a little extra MONEY – your choice! The HairCare NetWork International has the most profound referral program you will find in network marketing anywhere. Its design was created specifically to allow our Independent Brand Promoters the opportunity to increase their foundation income every month without question. You Can Take That To The Bank!

Your foundation customers could be monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or a couple of times per year. Follow the program and you can NEVER run out of potential customers/partners. Income earned from personal customers is a drop in the bucket compared to what you can earn building your team the right way. Referrals and retail gives you foundation money and encouragement to move to the next level

Our strategy will unfold over time as we methodically educate and inform. Each vehicle used in our marketing efforts will reinforce our objective from a different angle. Using each individual tactic as the nails driven home with the hammer of our strategies. 

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